There are many things that will contribute to a success 
or failure of a spell. 

Magick is the most ancient of all the spiritual arts. Yet it is one that has a very important place in the world today. It is a source of personal power and protection and above all it helps us to connect with nature and the slower more harmonious rhythms of life.

It's important to cast a Magick Circle before every spell you cast.

Yes  it's a small price to pay for successful spells, and protection from negative energy.

And remember, your Magick Circle not only protects you while you are casting spells, but it also helps you build up more energy within the circle... which will all be released when you finish the spell. The more energy you build up, the higher your chance for spell success that is why I have joined the new online coven to gain higher strength and power you can do the same just visit this
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